Cliff Grant Story


Cliff Grant, born February 15, 1946 in Kinston, North Carolina (near Camp Lejeune Army Base) near Snow hill, North Carolina The Tobacco Country! Cliff Grant proud parents are James Grant and Rosetta Williams Grant, of Jones County, North Carolina. He is one of 11 children, each sibling very successful in their own business and in life. This come from the discipline their parents instilled, Cliff Grant graduated from Jones High School in Trenton, North Carolina. As a young man, Cliff Grant enjoyed fishing and hunting to pass the time. Cliff Grant served his country proudly and due to his commitment to his great country, Cliff Grant sacrificed his young adulthood and went to Vietnam. 

Cliff Grant owner and CEO of Cliff Cliff Records, A very determined businessman is presently enjoying his fruit of his labor. Single and eligible as Cliff Grant would say, (Good Looking). Cliff Grant at the tender age of 18 experienced a pain we all know and that is a broke heart, and then the King of The Blues was born. His inspiration came from Major Lance, Sam Cooke, B.B. King, Otis Redding, and Soleman Burke. This led, Cliff Grant to where he is today. Cliff Grant favorite thing to do is play his lovable harmonica he calls passionately, (Lucy). Cliff Grant talent is God giving, blessing him with the ability to play several instruments. Cliff Grant dedicated the Rest of his life to Serve God and helping people as well as playing the Blues.

Thank you,